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Variety and fun

Until you have tried boxing training you can’t appreciate the level of skill and training involved. Boxing teaches the individual self-discipline and control while acting as a vent to relieve stress and frustration in arguably the best possible way.

Easy To Learn

Most exercise is boring and why people can spend a fortune on gym memberships they don’t use. The key to getting in shape consists of finding a way to work out that engages and challenges you but doesn’t feel repetitive and lead to boredom.

Both an aerobic and anaerobic conditioning component

Strength Training

A well-trained boxer achieves peak athletic condition before competition as there is no other sport that demands such a sustained level of physical performance from its participants. And when we say boxing and boxing training that’s exactly what we mean and not one of the latest trendy versions of aerobics or boot camp type circuits.


Strength training


Easy to learn


Helps burn calories and take off fat



Nutrition Advice

Fitness Plan

A typical Boxing Fitness workout meets all of the criteria of an ideal fitness program:

A typical Boxing Fitness workout meets all of the criteria of an ideal fitness training program:  
  • Get in the best physical and mental shape of your life
  • Blast your stress away
  • Increase your motivation, self-discipline, self-esteem and confidence, whilst gaining a feeling of mastery and empowerment
  • Develop speed like a sprinter, agility like a gymnast, power like a weightlifter and endurance like a long-distance runner
  • Burn fat away while toning and developing muscle
  • Find the ideal fitness training which anyone can